The unique technique


It is the tapestries that she is best known for, and it is this medium that dominates the largest body of her work, which was first introduced to the design world in the mid 1970's. 


The tapestries utilize a collage technique combining an array of designer upholstery fabrics such as velvets, brocades, worsteds, jacquards, mohair, hand woven woolens, among many others. Yarns of all kinds are integrated into the tapestries surrounding the edges of each fabric piece.


This particular technique, which is unique to Helen Webber, allows for dramatic large scale works which have ranged from 6 feet to 65 feet.

Some examples, are two double sided sixty five foot long tapestries created for a cruise ship, or the 4 eighteen foot long  tapestries hanging in a civic center in California.  



unlimited possibilities in editions


For her limited edition tapestries, Helen has created over 200 designs, with themes that range from expressions of nature to the celebration of the spirit of children. Her collections are:

  • Earth Songs
  • The Classics
  • The spirit of the Child
  • Jewish Celebrations


Because the editions are produced as they are ordered, they allow for modification in size and color to suit specific spaces. One 3’ x 4’ edition tapestry became 12’ x 16’, hanging in the atrium of a medical building.