Helen Webber was born on June 18, 1928, and died on Sept 17, 2019.

This website will remain intact as it was before she died, to honor and commemorate her lifelong profession as an artist. It showcases works and projects produced in the latter part of her career and only scratches the surface of the vast amount of art she created over her lifetime.  



looking back through childhood eyes 

and then back again


The Moon Looked Down

Here is a look at the artworks shown in the International Peace Day Art Show 9/20/15 at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center. 

Summer 2015

A New Medium

Art expressions combining digital manipulation with my drawings and paintings.


Highlight of the month:

Featuring Artist & Architect Collaboration

The Pittsburg Civic Center, Pittsburg California.


(click images to enlarge)


  • Fani Hansen, Danadjieva Hansen Architects, Tiburon CA
  • Helen Webber, Helen Webber Art & Design, Kentfield CA


Celebrating the history of the region

as well as the aspirations of the community.


  • 8 Tapestry Murals
  • 6 Banners
  • 40' vertical elevator wall (painted on concrete)


"A building with art is a building with passion" - Fani Hansen