Commissioned Art

Helen webber has been creating art for specific environments for over thirty years.

Each of her works have been developed to suit specific environments such as

  • medical facilities
  • Hotels & restaurats
  • offices and corporate spaces
  • cruise ships
  • community centers and civic centers
  • banks
  • religious institutions, both Christian and Jewish
  • army and air force facilties
  • private residences

Many of these artworks are sized to fit large spaces, making dramatic statements and some have been as large as 65 feet.  The mediums she has worked in are quite varied including stained and etched glass, wood, metal and sculpted clay tile.  But much of her work has been in the fabric collage medium, for which she is most noted.

COMMISSIONED ART in tapestries, glass, clay, cast stone, metal, wood, paintings:

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Fabric collage tapestry commissions

Stained & Etched Glass

Sculpted Clay Tile and Cast Stone

Metal & Wood

Commissioned Paintings