About The Tapestries

The prints shown in this collection are reproductions of actual tapestries which can be ordered from the Helen Webber Art & Design studio. Prices and sizes for each edition tapestry are shown with each print.

About the fabric collage technique

The tapestries are fabric collages utilizing avast array of designer fabrics which have beencollected over many years. Helen’s own handpainted cottons have recently been introduced into the collage mix.

Each segment of fabric is surrounded by yarns of various thicknesses. The process of assembling the tapestries involves precision and skill ,and many hours of intense work for every square inch of each piece.

“I use my fabrics as if I were painting with big bold brush strokes. The yarns are like lines flowing from a pen. And yet the distinct edges of each shape define reality, be it the sea, or a singer. I play with textures and shapes to createimages that people recognize, even if the literal reality is transformed into my personal expression."

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